• land geodetic breakdown of the site
  • cleaning the area from trees, bushes, stumps
  • lowering groundwater and drainage
  • digging of pits, trenches, lintels and others
  • consolidation and compaction of the soil

Installation and construction of structures

  • manufacturing and installation of monolithic reinforced concrete structures
  • installation of metal structures of the building frame
  • construction of walls and masonry made of stone, bricks and blocks
  • construction of walls and roofs from sandwich panels
  • manufacturing and installation of small metal structures
  • device of gabion structures
  • construction of industrial concrete floors
  • installation and overlapping device
  • insulation and waterproofing of foundations
  • installation and installation of the fence

Interior finishing works

  • installation of plasterboard walls, partitions and ceilings
  • plaster and wall filling
  • the device of decorative plaster (liquid wallpaper, Venetian, mutidekor and others)
  • the device will catch coatings (linoleum, parquet boards, laminate, carpet)
  • painting works - priming, putty, painting
  • installation of door blocks and windows
  • installation of tiles on walls and floors
  • plasterboard ceiling device, armstrong, grilyato, rack, glue
  • renovation and redevelopment of apartments

Installation of engineering systems

  • support for the installation of power supply and lighting systems
  • support for the installation of heat supply and heating systems
  • support for the installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • support for the installation of water supply and sewerage systems
  • support for the installation of hot water supply systems
  • supervision of installation of lightning protection and grounding systems

Roofing works

  • installation of a PVC membrane roof
  • installation of metal roofing
  • installation of cement-sand tiles
  • roofing device made of bituminous tiles
  • roofing from corrugated board to the balcony
  • installation of the roof drainage system
  • polycarbonate installation
  • installation of a roof made of roll materials
  • roof repair
  • dismantling of the old roof

Facade work

  • exterior insulation of the house with foam plastic, plastering, painting
  • device of a hinged ventilated facade
  • facade device with wall sandwich panels
  • facade decoration with siding
  • facade cladding with corrugated board
  • minor repair of facades
  • reconstruction of facades with complete replacement of the impersonated elements
  • individual development of facade cladding

Design work

  • Help and support of specialized organizations design of all sections of construction
  • Assistance and support during construction with design organizations, recommendatory project adjustments for the customer


  • Our company provides a range of engineering and technical services, which include conducting preliminary feasibility studies and studies, project expertise, developing construction financing programs, organizing the production of project documentation, holding tenders and tenders, concluding work contracts, coordinating the activities of all construction participants , as well as the implementation of technical supervision over the construction of an architectural object and advice of an economic, financial or other nature.